Saturday, September 18, 2010

Post # 300 is on Love.

These 3 kids fill my heart with so much love. Its that time of year now. I can feel things changing and just a little bit. I have had a really nice week. I have done lots of addition worksheet with a new second grader that just cant seem to sit still in the best way. A new fourth grader that is writing a new video game and yes we are learning about the railroad system. An amazing young lady that is going to be 16 on Friday . I was told last night that she would like me to go with her to her next concert. (not sure if should be scared or excited) but I am going. One of these little kids sleeps with me in a huge bed every night. The other wakes up super early and lets everyone under this roof know its time for school, work so everyone get up. I cant forget the person who tells us if we look cool or like an old lady. Its so amazing to be a part of such an amazing family. Sitting here in my bed while they sleep I am reminded that its all worth it because we have each other..I think this goes for all of us. We have each other..I am so using that, I have my friends that I call. I have my friends I talk to on face book. The ones that need my prayers and the ones that pray for me. Some of us have our kids and others have amazing husbands that adore us sometimes. We have mothers that still tell us how to dress, We have our co workers that say good morning to us everyday. We have sisters and brothers that call on our birthdays. Oh yeah we have neighbors that wave to us in the morning. I cant forget the friend that lets us complain. You now the one that we call when every things gone wrong. The friend that knows were crazy because everyone else thinks were fine. We have all these people..I am very grateful that I have people. I have my three little people that look up to me for direction. Its a little scary that we have so much love around us . That we can choose every morning how we react to all these people. Even when we feel like shit we can chose to react well or not. To love with patience or not. To be available to them or not..I know it cant always be good. I do believe that we or I can make small consistent choices to smile back. To answer the phone. To adore our kids. To show up for the people in our lives. I believe we have that choice. To love each other. Lets do it !!!
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