Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Project Monday

If your thinking its not Monday..Yeah, I know but for a moment lets pretend. Carrie and I made the cutest postcards..Carrie had a great Idea. Take a picture of a local map. I found one that has San Diego and Mexico on it. I like that because I was born in one and reside in the other. Carrie made the back of postcards files. So you should blog hop over there by clicking here. I am planning on doing a couple of layouts with mine too..
I dig the Idea of holding something or making a post card knowing that the person who you were thinking of would be holding it next..Its romantic..
I wont be able to send mine in the mail without an envelope but that OK..I stitched the back of the post card and had left over fabric that I was going to cut but decided not too. I like it frayed and imperfect..kinda like me..I used memorie makers mini letters and was going to sew them on but I liked it just like this...
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