Thursday, October 14, 2010

Your Appointment with Friday

Thank You for Joining Carrie and I on our fun creative Journey. I hope you can play along.
Sweet friends, Thanks for joining us this Friday !! Just in case this is your first time here , Please welcome..Carrie and I are hosting a photo prompt on Fridays and we would love it if you played along with us. Our prompt is COZY COMFORT
Lets take a trip into my head for a bit. I am really excited about these two word together and to see what they mean to you. To me my Cozy Comfort was captured in this picture. Its when the covers start to feel warm on you. When the pillow or the sofa feels just right on your body. Its twinkling lights that give a spark of warmth to that little girl in all of us. Knowing your P.Js are wrinkled and your hair is messy but its all ok because your Cozy and you found some yummy Comfort.

We have started a flicker group so you can join us and on Monday we will show you our mini-page layouts. So now head on over to see what Carrie came up with...I am
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