Thursday, November 4, 2010

Reality Check

Hello..I wanted to check in and have you know a glorious reality moment..
This is me and my three kids..
I sometimes feel like I am fully settled in the whole single mom thing. Other times I not so much. I can honestly say that Art is my healing solution at this moment in time. I have not run since the St. George Marathon. So its not running..I was looking through my Kelly-Rea journal and realized I had written this quote about 20 times or so .
When we allow ourselves to be happy or sad we are cooperating with the spiritual law.
Lets just say Gloria is in major cooperation mode. That being said today was overwhelming maybe it was my hormones because I have those or maybe I am a scared. Being afraid is OK too. Its all OK . Being human is such a beautiful thing to be able to feel and to love and to be sad to be happy its all beautiful..So here I am just like you trying my hardest to do well ,to understand ,to love and not to I am sending my love to my all of you and saying keep moving forward don't give up and don't stop dreaming...
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