Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Downtown date..

Yesterday night I went on a date..Movie and hot fudge sundae night. Sometimes as I drive into downtown I am reminded of how beautiful all the lights are..Then I immediately imagine what it would be like to live in all the action. am sure it would be a blast and fast..
joining me on this fabulous date is Bella and Christopher. He is really not into letting me take is picture right now so he is the photographer.
We went to watch Yogi Bear in 3 D. ( I know) but when you become a mom that doesn't sound so bad. To be honest I liked it a little bit. Then comes the reason I really wanted to go out..Hot fudge Sundaes ..So after the movie we walked about 7 blocks after I took a Gloria detour. That's the one were I get us just a little bit lost before I figure out were we are going. Then we find the ice cream parlour. I asked Bella to find our seat and she did..right under this sign.
Then we all sat down only had one minor breakdown but soon enough we were happy and eating chocolate...
Everyone got there own sundae..I don't really enjoy sharing ice cream you ?
Then before you know it..Our date night was coming to an end..
So walked only 4 blocks this time heading over to the mall. I love love taking pictures of these two together. Its amazing to me how big they are..
Then we drove home but before I found the freeway there was time to take it all in again..The beauty of lights and the cabs and that feeling of just how lucky I am .
Merry Christmas and I hope to share with you what happened when we tried to make a gingerbread house...
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