Friday, December 3, 2010


Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors).
One of the moments that I felt most alive this year was right before I ran the St, George Marathon.
We drove to Utah from San Diego . In the car was my dad and my 7 year old daughter and my 9 year old son. We drove up Friday and headed straight to the Sport expo to pick p my bib. I was really excited , a little scared because really for the first time I had put expectations on my love of running. I wanted to do 3:45.
After a long drive we made it to the State of Utah and guess what lucky us our hotel and the expo were close by. We first stopped at the Hotel and there it was the sign that said Welcome Marathoners. That put my heart in a shuffle. my brain shuffles like this..( OMG gloria..your here, we are here, we are going to do this, lets take a facebook picture so my friends can know too)
Next the expo. I want to say walking into the expo is one of my favorite parts because its alive and my fellow running peeps are here. I get to wear my running tees that are too unflattering to wear any where else but that tell me . You've done this before G..You can do it again. The there is my dad who is loud and love to tell people how proud he is of me because as he says my daughter has ran lots of marathons. I love walking down the halls of some weird convention were people from all walks come together for our race number.. This number allows us to run the race. It allows us to challenge our selves but more than anything its a great thrill to prove to yourself that you can do this. Its your race number...yeah This moment is one were I am super present and ready to just do my best. Thats a little strange that it turned out to be not the race but the preparation that I love the most...I got this promt from Ali Edwards Blog...Thanks and Ill be back soon...

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