Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Spring

Is it getting a little bit warmer were you live ? I am in San Diego and its finally and hopefully getting warmer . I think its time for warmer weather don't you? So I think what just happened was an Internet break by me. So lets see my beautiful Isabella Turned 8 this past Friday. She had eye surgery on Thursday and she was such a big girl about the whole thing that I planned a super fun birthday weekend for her.
Pottery Cafe
She made this cute pottery ..
Love her message..How cool is that at 8.
She also tells me all the time..Mommy love is something you give yourself.
She's right ..
Then we did a little pampering on Saturday...
This picture of her and her friend I love.
She looks so so happy...
Here she is getting a Mani- pedi on her birthday day with a cute friend Teresa..

Then Sunday we were off to the American Girl Doll Store in L.A.
Molly the doll Isa and I at lunch.
(I got glasses..)
Lets just say I feel really good about how her whole Birthday weekend went. I think she was just so excited ..Her doll and her have matching dresses..cute hu...
I am looking forward to adding this pics to her photo album...

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