Wednesday, April 13, 2011

13 things I am grateful for ...

1. I am grateful to be able to feel the sun shinning on my back.
2. I am grateful for my I phone.. keeps me feeling connected
3. I am grateful that Spring is here
4. I am grateful that I get my kids tomorrow.
5. I am grateful that I have my own car and I can go anywhere I want in it.
6. I am grateful for sadness because then happiness feels so much yummier
7. I am grateful that God never leaves my side.
8. I am grateful that I do not hurt anywhere.
9.I am grateful that at this moment I want to cry because I feel so lucky to have my peeps who love me...
10. I am grateful that I had my nails painted pink 2 weeks ago..still makes me smile
11. I am grateful that I love oranges
12. I am grateful for all the moments when I stand in the middle of the street and look both ways to feel the world turning around me.
13. I am grateful to have a blog where I can just be me and beautiful people visit me. Thank you
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