Wednesday, April 20, 2011

13. things I am grateful for.

Happy Morning,
I am going to do my 13 things I am grateful for...
Maybe you can tell me what they all have in common.
1. I am grateful for air freshener that makes your car smell good even when its a mess inside.
2. I am grateful for Mr. Coffee maker. Love it !!!
3. I am grateful for face Cream that makes you feel instantly softer.
4. I am grateful for lunches made the night before. Does not happen often but makes a huge difference like this morning.
5. I am grateful for Blankets that keep you warm on the couch and must make you look inviting because next thing you know all my kids want to be under it too.
6. I am grateful for extension cords that make it so you can sit anywhere and have your computer on your lap.
7. I am grateful for Happy Easter pictures that cover my fridge. I even love the tape on the corners..
8. I am grateful for Pandora because music makes me happy.
9. I am grateful for Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches they always comfort anyones hungry tummy in my house.
10. I am grateful for Hallmark because of them I send out lots of cards.
11.I am grateful for Calendars because I love looking forward to dates.
12.I am grateful for pre made mixes.( they make me feel like I can bake)
13.I am grateful for sweaters that keep us warm and are soft to the touch.
So what are you grateful for today?
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