Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dreaming over here

Do you let your thoughts just go...
Do you let yourself have moments were you just dream.... I am very grateful for what I have and sometimes when I want to dream I feel a bit guilty. My mind wanders to that place that says G love what you have. Be present. Well, yesterday as I am lying in bed with both my kiddos I just dreamt. I let mind go to that place that made feel relaxed and content. Want to know where I went...
Ok...I saw myself driving to great hiking trails in my RV. The windows are open and I have my camera in hand. I am not driving , I think I was going to Alaska or maybe Yosemite. There was an adventure to come. The air was warm and maybe I was going to race along the way. Thats what I want in my future. A small R.V. painting supplies I can play with along the way. A video camera so I can make cute videos and send them to my kids because in my dream I am at least 10 years older witch makes my kids all over 18. I send them video post cards.. Then we drive and read and eat at local dinners. Tell each other the same stories. Then we arrive to out location and we explore..I want to explore and hike and watch magical sunsets. That's were my dreams take me.
I can also hear this song in the back round of my dreams.... So I will not feel guilty when my heart wants to dream. No Sir.. I will just go with it and see where my heart takes me. I am so happy to be feeling better. I am so happy not to have any pain. My back still hurts but I am sure that will pass. I am just content and dreaming over here in my little corner of the world. Do your dreams take you to magical places ?
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