Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Un-expected fun

Yesterday evening I joined the local monday night run witch I tend to do maybe twice a month. As my dad and I were walking up the store owner asked us if we wanted to take part in the local scavenger hunt. I said yes... right away with out asking my dad just in case he thought about saying no. So the owner tell us we need a group of three people. Hmmm
I looked at my dad and said wait let me see if I can find someone...
and I did... So now we have a team of three its a six mile run and next thing they are handing us a list of what we need...
Spring Scavenger Hunt
****All pictures should include teammates****

Pic of swamis sign
pic of giant Tiki
Pic oat the kook
Pic of blue cars
Pic of your team and stranger forming a cheerleader pyramid
Pic of your team and a random surfer
Pic with park ranger
Business card or menu from Bull taco
Vigi's Old fashioned Chocolate covered doughnut
Pic of a house with the number 8
Pic of each lettered street in Encinitas
Picture with a lifeguard
Pic with a classic car
Un broken Sea shell
Pic of surf breaks with letters S or B as the first letter in the name

So of we go.. now I don't ever run with my phone because its so big so I left mine in the car and the new friend I made who was now a part of our team... Her name was Marina had her I phone with her... Yeah...
So we ran all over from taco shops to the beach to find an UN broken sea shell. That took us a long time. Then finding a life guard was tough too.. Its 5:45 pm after all.. So we finally found a tower climbed three flights of steps and found a lifeguard ..
We all asked him with lots of excitement hey Mr. Life guard can we get a picture with you...Its a scavenger hunt.... He said yes...
We ran back a couple miles and turned in our pictures and we were so excited... We told each other how great we did.
We got our score 95 points. That sounds good !!!
Then they give out prizes...
OK, we are giving four sets of prizes..
First last place...
with 95 points the Blue team..
That's us... really last place ..Oh well!!!
We won... and we jumped with much excitement for not everyone can come in last place.
Only one team has that honor...
That's us....
We got a really cool water bottle but the cool thing is that I made a new friend..
I am so glad my dad with a little nudge from me became a yes guy....
and we had a great run.
Happy Tuesday to you

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