Thursday, May 5, 2011

What I am Grateful for today !!

Hello and good morning sweet friends..
On this wonderful Thursday
I am grateful for blurry pictures that make me smile..
I am grateful for my sister in law because she is so sweet with with my little niece Charlie.

I am grateful for rocks that remind me to smile.
I am oh so Grateful for cute necklaces ..Ok so I personally love having something hanging around my neck that reminds me to Stand in the light or dare to dream..
or maybe necklaces with little owls that remind me to always be in touch with that little girl inside of me..
I am grateful that God to loved the color pink so much he decided to let pink flowers grow on trees..
I am grateful for my little girls who love acting like me.
I am grateful for silly glasses that help you act oh so silly.
I am grateful for warm weather... (yeah I was waiting for you all winter)
I am grateful for people who open the door for you because they see your holding way to much stuff.
I am grateful for Love...It does make everything better..(kinda like ketchup)
I am grateful for my moms..
The first who had me and did what she could and loved me in her own way.
The second who kept me raised me and loved me in all the other ways.
I am oh so grateful for blue and white stripped nails that make me smile every time I look at them. I mean hello... my nails make me happy...
and last but not least on this day I am grateful that I am constantly reminded by the universe how lucky I am..
I am healthy
I live in this amazing country
I am loved
I have a roof over my head
I have food on my table
I have children who are well
I have dreams
I believe I can craft.
I have running shoes
I am grateful that I am aware of how good I have it..its all in how we look at it..
Happy Thursday.
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