Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ours Fathers day run

I wanted to share some of the pictures from my fathers . I asked my dad what he would like to do.. He said princess I want to spend as much time as I can with you.. So I planned away.. I got up really early and drove about 45 minutes to pick him up then we headed to the beach to join a couple hundred people for a fun run.
It was a  8.2 mile run on the beach..  I love those runs because you get a number and its exciting to me no matter what distance we run. I also Love the Idea of being a part of something with my dad. I love making memories with him and then having all these amazing stories that we tell each other over breakfast every week. Maybe there not really amazing but after telling each other the same story 100 times they somehow become amazing ,(funny) after we went to have breakfast at Rutherford's..His favorite old time breakfast place. I love scrambled eggs and ham, he loves the most crazy thing that he should not eat the menu has to offer.. its cute, not really healthy but that ok.
after that we went to his house got cleaned up and then we went to the movies..My dad loves loves loves movies...wait did I say that man loves going to the movies..He does...he picked a movie . Water for I cant watch movies that are violent. They are really  hard for me to digest. I pretty much just cant stop crying and this movie just made me incredibly my poor dad is apologising the whole movie because I cant stop crying and he mentions we can leave early but I feel guilty so I stay...sitting through that movie was my fathers day I struggled..I think we both still really had a great day..together..I am sure we did....
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