Friday, September 23, 2011

My Days..

For the last two weeks I have been very busy and fortunate to be able to spend a lot of time with my little sister.  My days go something like this...  I get up and go down stairs and make lunches for my kids...  I try to have all 3 kids in the car by 8:10 then I drive them all to different schools.  I am usually done by 8:45. Then I drive down to Hillcrest.  If all goes well I arrive by 9:30.  I go see my little sister Carmen Liliana she is now 34.  Carmen was born with spinal bifilar and life has not been easy for her.  She has had many; many surgeries and she cant walk or really talk.  Unfortunately Carmen recently got really sick but luckily she has made it through and is recovering well.  One of the side effects of her last surgery is the permanent loss of her voice. For the third time in her life Carmen is breathing with the help of a tracheotomy.  She is currently on a feeding tube, which she hates because she loves to eat.  My days are spent talking to her, watching TV and doing her nails.   I never watch TV but I am happy to do so with her.  I am also reading “The Happiness Project” to her.  Carmen and I hang out daily.  I love both my sisters and I know Carmen is happy to have me with her.  The room is funky green and that's really the only thing I don't like about being here.  I have fun just being with her and loving her.  I really could not think of anywhere else I would rather be.  I leave at 4 to pick up my kids and I am usually home by 5:30…  If you didn’t know San Diego traffic sucks… Then it’s time for soccer or swimming or if I’m lucky we go home.  I make something that I call dinner and then it’s homework time.  Then we all go to sleep… Yeah... most days my two little ones sleep with me…  I love it..
.  I don't feel like there is a lot to blog or report back at this time.  I know I need to start running because I have been sad and running makes me happy, so I needs to motivate myself to just do it.  I do love spending the days with my little sis and the afternoons with my kids… I wish my house was cleaner but who doesn't... I am working on a scarf and in October I am going to try knitting. That my friend is my life in a nutshell... My Day…I Hope you are staying warm and that all is well where ever you may be...



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