Monday, October 17, 2011

Good Morning Miss Monday !!!

Good Morning, I have been thinking about what I will challenge myself with this week. I thought about doing something that scares me like last week and I know it was only red lipstick but it made me a bit more brave to just get over not doing something because of what someone else might think..I thought I would look silly but by mid week I thought I looked rather fancy ! So this week I thought what I would do is something I want to do but just keep putting off ...
I am going to write in my Art  Journal everyday for 7 days..I am going to write my grateful list and do all my homework for an upcoming retreat I will attend in 2 weeks. I will write a story or two and seven days from now I will have at least 10 pages done in my fancy homemade journal.

This is not something that scares me but its something that I just do not do...I would like to but I dont..Thats all going to change this week. Then Monday I can share what I learned..about myself.

I hope you can make sometime to journal or draw or write some poetry this week. Do whatever is is that your heart ask you to do..mine wants me to write so starting today I will do just that...
Happy Monday
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