Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Here I am..

Here I am..
OK Ladies and just maybe gents..
I have been M I A because I moved out of my old house into my new home..
I am going to be totally honest with this story ready.. set.. go..
I don't know about you but when I read some one's blog I imagine there life is perfect but if I stop and get myself out of my pink world I know everyone has obstacles they need to over come.
I just overcame one of my biggest life obstacles.
I now live in my own house. I am renting but its mine.
I was so afraid to leave my big house on the golf corse but even though it was big, pretty it had so many bad memories. It had so much of him in there even though he was gone.  I am sure I am not the only one who hates change, it's definitely not my favorite thing. I knew I had to move by Dec 1st and I did it. It was not easy.. I cried a-lot got rashes and my insecurity level was at an all time high.. However,  getting out of that space and into this new house has in some way cleansed me. The new house is perfect, very cute and most importantly it's ours. The best part is it all the memories created in this house will be ours.  The positive ones that I am going to create with my kids. Our own magical traditions. I am very excited to start over, be smart, dream and be me. There will be nothing but love in this house.  Oh I almost forgot... guess what this new house has in my new bedroom, a tiny extra room and its going to be my Art Nook.
On this day I am oh so very grateful that somehow I am standing here in this perfect little space.
You know when I got one of my tattoos (a while back) I had the word free tattooed on me, and now it all makes sense...
I am free
no more stomache aches because HE was coming home.
no more trying to find my happy place

no more rashes 
I love my blog and I am feeling really blessed today.
I have the most amazing kids
and now my very own little place I will call home..
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