Sunday, December 18, 2011

My sweet little sister

I am  here at the hospital . I am sitting on a bed we keep in my sisters room. There is always someone here with her. We never leave her alone. She cant talk to tell anyone what is wrong but those of us that love her well we know what she wants. She is an angel that was sent down to this earth why she must suffer so much.. I don't know. I do know that she is here to teach everyone around her about unconditional love. She is love at its best. I have spent more time with her in the last 2 and half months than I have in a long time. When we were little I remember playing with her and how much I liked feeding her. I also remember how much my mom hurt when she needed to have surgery. I recently remembered that when I was younger and I found an eyelash or I blew out my birthday candles I always wished that when I woke up in the morning my little sister would be walking..
I am writing this because I feel that through all of the this the good times and the scary ones..watching my mom cry at children's Hospital because my sister was sick or the times I would play dolls with my sister and she was the doll.  She has taught me true love. I feel I have learned to fully feel. She has taught me empathy and compassion. In the last two weeks I reached out to an old friend to ask if she could also help out here at the hospital but I had to open my heart and forgive to do it..It was a-lot easier than I thought and i feel so much better because of it too. I think my sister is always teaching me. I am grateful for everything she gives me ,,I am grateful to be in her presence. Tonight she is not doing so well so I ask you to keep her in a prayers..

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