Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Checking in..

The second month of 2012 is almost gone. I am thinking about how I felt this past new year.
I love the new year because it brings with it a chance to start over and make new plans. I honestly love thinking about it all . I love to dream of what can be and the hope that things will be better.  It's funny for me how somehow by the end of each month my balloon feels deflated. Does this happen to you ?
So as I was thinking about March and why its going to be a great month I decided to write a list of wonderful things that are going to happen in March..
Wonderful Things To Come
My Bella turns 9
My dad turns 64
St.Patricks Day
I get to go on a trip.
I have a half marathon in 2 weeks.
Miss P and I will hopefully have a better month
I get to host a slumber party for five fourth grade girls.
I get to take Bella to the American Girl Doll Store in L.A.
I am putting a bunch of my fun homemade cute stuff on Etsy.
These are just a couple of things on my list and when I start feeling sad I think... There are certain plans that must go into action..I need to look on the bright side..Have Gloria time .. remind myself of how lucky I am to have 3 healthy kids and my dad.. Then keep moving forward..
The funny thing is that I love the beginning of the month, its just the end that makes me sad.
but guess what its only two more days until the beginning of March...Yeah !!
P.S. putting mascara on everyday really helps...

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