Friday, February 24, 2012

A heart on a journey

                                                    You know how they say Art Heals it
really does and the fascinating part about that is that it does it in so many ways. Its like having a medication that can help heal you in a way that you might not know about until your healing. That's how this painting  makes me feel.. so it a girl that's trying to find her way and in her hands she hold her heart. She is keeping it safe. She is not sure from what but for now having in her hands is the perfect place. So next to her on this little boat ride of life is cute fox..I feel that the fox represents keeping her heart young and never losing your her youthful spirit. Sometimes life just throws huge waves at you and sometimes we close our eyes and others we are so present. If we want to or not we learn from all of this. I feel that we think we are navigating but really we are not. Things happen people come into our life and others leave.. Some break our hearts others help us heal but either way its up to us to keep our heart healthy and hopeful. So the girl in my picture is holding her heart and keeping is safe.. I really feel like all art has a story behind it..I can't wait to see what she looks like when I am done..There you go a little story about a heart thats on a journey..
Talk to you soon,

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