Monday, February 20, 2012

Day Dreaming on Sunday..

My kids and I decided, after driving for about 6 hours on Saturday, that we were not going to leave the house all day Sunday... Yes you heard me correctly… The kids and I drove to the desert on Saturday.  It took us 3 hours each way.  It was well worth the drive.  The kids loved riding in the dune buggy and we had  a great time...  However after spending all that time in car we decided to stay inside all Sunday to eat, watch movies and craft...  This all sounded perfect to me... I told my son we could do this under one condition... I have to get my Sunday run in and he told me ok but I wasn’t allowed to drive anywhere.  

With the ground rules set I woke up early and went for my run... There are these rolling hills a couple of miles from my house.  It goes up and down for about 13.5 miles… I decided shortly after putting on my music I was running the hills and off I went… Running reminds me of life in so many ways…  I run to the hill and look up and have to get my mind in that place...  That place to me is where the little engine that could lives... Say it with me… “I know I can and I know I can.”   I don't compare myself to anyone else its just me out there and I start running and I don't walk I can jog but I don't let myself stop and every hill feels like such an individual accomplishment...  It is all a matter of mental toughness.  It took me 2 hours and 17 minutes to complete the 13.5 miles of rolling hills. On my last mile I had this though... “Why do I only tap into my little engine that could when I run?  Why don't I use that when I get stuck in life?”  Life can be a little scary and sometimes we just have to do our best Frank Sinatra and “Accentuate the positives”… How does that song go? “You've gotta accent-tcu-ate the positive, eli-my-nate the negative, 
Latch on to the affirmative, don't mess with Mister In-between.”  Happy thoughts “Yeah.”  So after that revelation I was completely inspired to paint...

How running and painting go together I don't know but I get so inspired while running.  I always want to paint when I am done... Unfortunately usually when I get home there are dishes to be washed, laundry to be done and assorted house cleaning chores to be completed and I don’t get to paint... yesterday was a different story… I made the time to fill my need/want to paint. 

A couple years ago I met Mindy at this an amazing retreat.  I asked her if I could put her button on my blog and she said YES… It’s the little blue bird on the right… I love Mindy Every time I go to my blog and see that blue bird I think about Mindy. Then I think I want to try and paint a little bird and on Sunday I did.  Check out my little bird next to my little girl in the painting below.

I thought about how much daydreaming I did on my run.  I wanted to paint a portrait of a girl having a perfect Sunday... 
 In cased you missed it she is dreaming in color
.  All and all it was a perfect Sunday. Heck, even my kids painted, yeah!  I hope you had a good weekend and a better week. 


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