Saturday, March 3, 2012

Its a good day to run..

My Saturday morning run starts with lots of self talk..It starts like this...I love my bed and do I really need to get up and go run..Yes I do..I do need to go run. I need to go outside , clear my mind listen to my favorite songs and let myself go...

So I get up and get ready...This time I took my water bottle and I ran one of the hardest runs I have found..I up up up and up a big hill.. Its about a 13 mile run but today I only did 10.75 of it..I love running..I love dreaming and running is perfect for that..I can dream and plan and be happy...I had lots to be happy about today because guess what I sold my first painting on easy...Crazy hu..I was so afraid to open an   ETSY store. I am not sure why but I was. Now I am excited !!! and more excited to make more stuff.. I was also thinking about how I am a little bit of an ADD crafter..I love doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that..

This picture was taken about 1 mile from my I am running home I was dreaming about how even through life is tough and one is not sure sometimes ...not sure if its going to be ok..I guess as long as in our hearts were ok the situation thats happening around us is just that a situation and we are not what happens to us we are the person we choose to be when those things happen...
There you go of the wall running stories..
Have a great Day..

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