Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Ragnar

These are my favorite pictures from the Ragnar race...
It was a really good time especially since I really did not know anyone.  I made new friends and met some really cool people.  The best part was I got to talk about running for 2 days.  I never participated in a 
200 mile long relay race . The only part I could have done with out was the 10.7 mile run in the 98 degree heat... Holy Cow I thought I was going to die..
I was having back flashes from the Bull dog.. I am not a fan of running in Arizona like heat.. (yuck) My team members were so nice they gave me water bottles, ice and they kept watering me down with water cannons... I liked being part of the team and being able to cheer everyone on.   My favorite part was running at 4am..  When do I ever get to do that??? How about Never..  So I got to experience two new things that I had never done before.. I love that. The team was so nice and The Ragnar volunteers were amazing so I highly recommend taking part in this race if you get a chance too..

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