Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sew Happy

Good Morning..
Here is whats been keeping my mind busy and dreaming. Lots of little owl Families. I haven't been feeling how shall we a good mood lately not because anyone did anything to me but just because.. So I decided that I needed to just think about making something cute that makes me happy. After seeing this post on Elsie's blog. I knew at some point I wanted to make a little family to be part of mine..
So here they are the new addition to my family..
Don't they look sew Happy.
Ohh.. They make me smile. I am thinking that tonight I will make some pink ones for my little nieces for Easter.

I guess the best part of these is that the possibilities are endless.. I want to make one with glasses. Have a wonderful day and tomorrow I am going to share a recipe that I think is really worth sharing .. 

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