Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Me + 3

My son had a birthday and he is 11 now. Its amazing to me how much my children have taught me about being in total and utter adoration of another human being. How having them has opened my heart . In being a mother I am opened to loving them with an undefended heart. Good or bad I love them. Through them I am learning that everything we go through together is workable. I hope to one day be able to feel this in other aspects of my life. I am the very lucky mom of three kids who laugh with me in the car and dance with me at home. Its not always easy I promise and we have had our challenges but I don't allow myself to yell at them and I take lots of deep breaths before I speak. I try not to run out of patience and when I feel I do ..I apologize.. I am just so happy to be there mom..I feel really lucky...You know when you just want to burst with OMG I love who you are.... Today at this moment thats what I am feeling for my kids....

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