Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sharing a bit of me

Its Saturday night and I should be sleeping but I am not . It could be because I took a nap that was a couple hours long or because my tummy hurts. ( I do not think that eating meat is good for me)The last two times I had meat it just makes me feel sick..Oh well I will have to try to stay a bit away from it for now.
 I have a race that starts at 7 am so I should be excited and happy right !!! I have had a hard time with staying happy lately. Specially on the weekends and super specially when I do not have my kids. Have you ever tried to put something round in a square hole and it just does not fit. That's how I have been feeling lately. I feel like I do not fit in my life with out them.  I feel like everything is taking a-lot of work. I know everyone gets sad .. It just sucks when its happening to you. I will keep trying my best to live in the moment and I am trying not worry..I also know that next thing you know this feeling will pass..but man sometimes being an adult is heavy...I hope this is not a bummer Saturday night post but its my reality lately...I will tell you all about my race soon. Its going to be really hot but I hope to finish in two hours so I don't burn up and get more freckle's on my face. Its supposed to be a difficult trail race . I like challenges because when I am done I feel a little like Wonder Woman..I am needing a little of that feeling just about now..Hope you are safe and sound and that this post is not to much of a bummer...Happy Thought Peeps...

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