Friday, August 10, 2012

It was short and sweet

This last weekend I had a dream that I had a house in the mountains.  As I progressed through my day I thought what about Palomar Mountain.  That's kinda close to my house.  I went on line and the dreaming began.  Then there before my eyes, I saw two cute houses that I thought I could afford.  After thinking about it long and hard I showed it to my kids.   Suddenly we were all living on the mountain.  Isabella was so exited about the possibility of spending Christmas in the mountains.  Christopher loved the idea of having a tree house...  I loved the idea of being outside all the time. I sat and thought about running thru the mountains, trees and looking at the stars at night...
After dreaming  a little dream I told my kids we need to keep an open mind and check out these houses.  Just so you know Palomar Mountain is not close to my current residence.  If we collectively feel the drive is to far than so be it...  I told them to trust their intuition and asked them to share their feelings.   With that we were on our way.  It took us two hours to get to the houses... For me it was way to long of a drive but I waited for there input...  The first house was not we expected... Having said that we took a ride around the mountain. We sat on a rock discussed how they were feeling... I think collectively we all felt it wasn't going to work.  Isabella did suggest the possibility of home schooling.  Christopher added that we could get two homes one for during the week and the other for weekends.  I let them know neither of those were realistic options and with that we headed home...  I was really glad we went on our little dream trip.  My kids and I spent 4 quality hours together and I was grateful to have all three of my three kids with me... Sometimes just taking the time to dream is worth whatever trip you encounter along the way.  
Have a dream filled weekend!!!
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