Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I little bit about me today

That was an unexpected blogging break I just took.  So I took a  picture this morning so that I could say Hi..I am back ! You know when you feel quite inside and you just don't have much to share. I was feeling that emotion for about a week but that feeling has passed over me and I also missed writing my little stories.
 My little ones started school today. They are in 4 th and 6the grade now. They love school so it has been very exciting being part of there world this weekend. They talked about what they like the most about school and what they don't like. They got new clothes and you could just tell they where both eager for it to be the first day of school. I felt very peaceful just observing my children in there element. 

In other news...I am nervous to report my big race day is almost here. I have 19 day to go until the big day. 19 days !!!!!! My second attempt at a 50k that's 31 miles. The first time I tried I only made it to mile 22 . I do have a reason why I could not finish but today it just sounds like an excuse to me and I hate excuses. Now back to whats coming up.
 Noble canyon
 This race  starts at 5500 feet elevation and running down the side of a canyon to 3500 feet. Step two is turning around and climbing back up the mountain. Then step 3 going up another hill until reaching 6000 feet and going back to the finish. That just does not sound easy to me. I have been doing my training and I added cross fit training to my schedule. I am eating better and I do wish I was more excited and less OMG.... I just think about it and I feel the same feeling I felt when I ran my first couple marathons. The major butterflies and just plain scared. I think its the good scared though. You know how you think you have what it takes and then the opportunity comes up to prove it to yourself if you can or can not. My heart tells me I can but my head tells me..G what are you doing ? You are not a  long distance runner.. It is a little strange to me at times that I love to run as much as I do. I see myself as a crafter. I see myself as a mom and a caretaker but my hobby that nurtures my being is running for sure. It has become something I do because it just feels right. When I think about early mornings I picture myself running. When I think about planning a vacation I think will I have time to run. I just feel that its the closest I get to being in that amazing place that gives me total peace. So with those thoughts in mind maybe I will run this race and have an amazing  experience.. What does that mean? 
If I  do not try how will you ever know what I am capable of.
I dont know I just hear this whisper in my head saying G you can do this..
just show up and go for it..So that what I am going to do. 
Thanks for reading .

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