Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Beautiful Gardens

Can you guess who this is ?
Aphrodite and Cupid..

To me there is something about driving far away to see something beautiful and new that makes me so happy. I double love road trips i really do... The packing and the knowing that wherever I go I get to explore a new place just makes me smile. I do not really get to do it very often right now but I used too and I am sure I will again . I do make it a point to go somewhere significant as often as I can. Somewhere new...
 So we drove about  two hours away this weekend to a little piece of Paradise. It was not to hot to begin with and that was great. I  used to take my kids to the Huntington Beach Library all the time when they were little but they did not remember until we got out of the car then suddenly it all came back to them. They loved it then and they loved it now..(me too) 
I do think march is the best month to go but I am glad we went anyway. It is so big and there is so much green and its like being in another place far far away from the real world. It is truly a magical place. I will post pictures of all the flowers tomorrow . It was a perfect outing for us.

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