Monday, November 26, 2012

Exploring Chicago day 2

We arrived at the zoo at noon. We heard we needed to check out the buildings and the old fashioned feeling of the Brookfield Zoo. This zoo had a vintage feel to it for sure.

So we did.. I have to tell you that it excites me to know that my kids will remember the time spent with my dad and how much closer they are to him because we are here together.  

We find that having a camera can be fun ..When the seals wont come close to you..Then you pose !

I love this picture of them running to the Ferris wheel. Its so cool to be a child and to see the Ferris wheel and then you just run as fast as you can to get in line ..The anticipation of going on a ride is so magical when your little..I hope they never lose that feeling.

There were not a-lot of people there maybe 50. It could be because it was cold or maybe because everyone knows that most of the animals are sleeping here during the winter. 

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I love this picture..They are hugging my dad and wanting to be next to him. I am sure he felt the love.

The zoo was fun but being together was special. My kids have behaved so well and everyone seems happy..I am grateful for all this time we are having together.

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