Saturday, December 22, 2012

I am a dreamer.

Its funny how things work out like me being absent from one of my favorite
I often dream about what I would like my blog to look like and then what I could do here..That's when I get afraid. It feels like stage fright. I blog about what I am passionate about. Things that fuel my quirkiness. My blog is my on line journal about life..So here is whats is going on for me. I have many plans for the new year.
All my plans usually start of as day dreams that I have while I run. Running provides me with a place to dream. I have been dreaming all about what I would like to create for my life in the new year. I want to learn so many things. I was watching this movie about the end of the world and I felt like the main message was life is to short not to love ridiculously. We must find those things we love to do and try doing them.  I find a great escape in moving my body the way running allows me too. Sometimes it feels so easy that my mind just flies away. I am taking a painting class that starts January 1st.
  True Free Spirit
Mindy Is a really sweet girl and her style is whimsical and free.
The class is a all year long and totally affordable. I consider mindy to be my friend and I am really looking forward to making way more time in my life to paint and just creating away. As a teacher I feel she has that ability to help you let that little girl in us paint. I am also going to a retreat she is teaching in San Francisco. 

Color Play with Mindy Lacefield and Carissa Paige

My dreams have been colorful and excited about painting .
Since my dreams are all over the place taking big leaps in running seems to be on my mind a-lot. I run almost everyday even if its just 3 miles. My plans for early next years are a full marathon in January . A half marathon in February along with my second 50k. I always picture myself having such a good time dancing and pretending to fly as I run. Its what I do. I also really like that I have be disciplined. When I run I dream about having my very own house and how cool it would be live in Boulder again. I am not moving but I can dream. I also chose my word for next year on a run. Mindful , I really need to be more mindful of life. I am working on being grateful and more aware of all the blessings I have right in front of me.. The one thing about getting older I love is that I am able to see what I need to work on with in myself and I know when I need to apologize. I am more aware of how lucky I am that I have my 3 kids.. I can not ever even begin to imagine what would happen if I did not have them. There is so much I dream about and so much I know I take for granted that I want to work on being more simple and grateful. I dream about forgiving. How good it would feel to just let go...I did forgive my x husband this month. I am even taking the time to acknowledge what I did wrong in my marriage. That is big for me. I was not the perfect wife and I know that but I am woking on just being good friends. Good Parents to our kids. Forgiving myself and him was big but its also taken a huge weight of my shoulder. 
So I am off to run with my dad this morning and I hope you are happy and that this post did not bore you. I like you am just trying to figure my life out and making it the sweetest I can.

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