Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It was Merry..

This holiday Season has come..The best part for me was spending time with all the children in my life. My two little kids spent the night at their dads because that's how our custody arrangement works. My oldest Paola spent last night with me.  She slept in my bed. It was really great waking up with my big girl and having her hold my hand and say Merry Christmas Mommy. Then I went for a very short run walked in the door, got ready and headed over to pick up my kids.  One hour later with my 3 kids Christmas was complete...  After opening up our presents hours we headed to my mom's to see all my nieces and nephews... I love kids at Christmas the look in their eyes is priceless.  Especially when they are opening their presents.  I love how happy they are all day long.. We all exchanged gifts which was great but I was super excited about giving my sister her gift. I painted her this picture of her and her twin girls. I actually finished it on time and I was excited to give it to her. She loved it and we both got teary eyed. That made me feel so good.  I love my sister and her children.. I hope you had a special Christmas wherever you are..

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