Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hump-Day Favorites

I thought it would be fun to share a couple of my favorite things that help bring joy into my life. First my new spring wallet that ca be found at Target I just love the little owl. Then there is my favorite little notebook where I draw little cartons everyday..My little sister sits in her bed and looks in my notebook waiting to see if I am going to draw for her then when I do she smiles big..It makes both of us happy.

Then there is my favorite coffee cup ever..I bought this from one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met Rachel Awes . I was lucky enough to spend a whole weekend painting with her. She is like a bright rainbow and you can't help but love her. You could get you cup  here.

Here is what I am reading.. 
My favorite magazine is Every Day by Rachael Ray .. I am not a good cook I try (kinda) but not often enough.Guess what looking at this magazine makes me feel like I try harder than I really do. 
I just finished Shanghai Girls I love books about old china and I can get lost in the stories about the beautiful Geisha girls..

These happen to be my favorite Lip Glosses at the moment. Viva Glam 5 and 6. My nails are making me feel sweet. I know its not spring but I just love bright colors. So on my hands its spring.

My fav Necklace
My favorite Necklace that I am in love with is my Danita Necklace.. I look at it and just melt. I met Danita in December she is a fun sweet,creative soul..I will be adding to my necklace collection soon I hope ;)
Here is a link to all her yumminess..
I hope you enjoy looking at the little things around my house that are making me smile...

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