Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Word...S

Holy Cow..
I really did have a hard time choosing my word this year. The last couple of years they just came to me but this year these are the words that have been swirling around in my world. 

So here they are..


I love creating .. That includes knitting , crochet , paper crafting and Painting. These are all things that can hold my attention for hours and I never get tired of doing but I am going to put the word create in my world of  painting this year. I am going to focus on creating cute paintings for me and people in my world.


This is a word that has a-lot of meaning to me. I love my kids that's a given. I wish I could love other people the way I love them. I want to work on learning to love unconditionally. I know that starts with forgiveness and I have forgiving my x husband. That is huge. I also forgave myself for the things I did or did not do that lead to the break up of my 9 year marriage. I mention this because my divorce was the most hurtful emotion I carried in my heart. You have to let go of those things to make room for Love.

I want to love unconditionally..again


This word reminds me of a flower blooming. It holds a more spiritual meaning to me. I am going to work on the unfolding of my being. Letting myself become and grow and unfold.
Maybe this is all to much information on my  words but I am feeling the need to share..Life is not always easy and things we want to manifest in our life take work and changing the way we see things or do things. Self work is not always easy..Its hard most of the time but it is totally worth it..I want to let my being unfold this year because I want this to be the year I put the work in my spiritual being.
There you go...thank you for stopping by and
may your today be full of color..

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