Sunday, February 10, 2013

Charlie and AJ

I went to the bank this weekend and I met one of the employees..We talked about life as he fixed my account and he told me it was his second day back at work because he has been on disability.. He looked really young so I asked him what happened. He told me this story..He was hit by a drunk driver and he was pushed of bridge and he broke his back.. No one stopped to help him. He somehow found his phone and called his mom and told her he loved her and next thing you know he woke up at the hospital. He was paralyzed but soon enough with his mom and dads help he learned to walk..His mane is AJ. He told me he never gave up hope and asked me if I thought after that experiences like that is good things happen to people.. Yes I was crying at this time and so was he. I did something that 10 years ago I would have been to shy to do..I stood up walked up to him and gave him a huge hug and told him how grateful I was that he was alive and that I knew the world was a better place because he was here... I am so glad I had the courage to say those words to a total stranger..I know that life is short..I just felt the need to tell him..
I had another experience this morning..This was hit me more..I saw an older man have a horrible seizure while I was running a half marathon with my dad anyway I got to hold this man and calm him down while help came.. He was healthy one minute and the next he was on my lap trying to stay with me..He had a strong pulse when the medics took him away. So here was someones dad or husband on my lap. I told him what I would want someone to tell my dad or son if something like that happened to them. I held him with so much love. His name is Charlie..
Charlie I hope you are doing great..
So there I am running to the finish line with my dad after this experience and all I could think is how important it is to tell the people we love ..
I love you..
How important it is to love our family regardless.. 
To put that card in the mail to that person you keep thinking about. 
I just kept thinking how important it is to do those things our heart is asking us to do and not to be afraid ..
I feel so lucky to just have this miserable cold..I feel so lucky that I got to run with my dad. That I got to hold Charlie and tell him it would all be ok. To not be in a hurry so that AJ could tell me his story. This is one of those post that I write because the universe spoke to me this weekend ..Yes Life is short but we can do and love until the last day... Hold your family and friends close  but do not just stop there.. Strangers need us to smile at them. They need us to care too. Hope you had a wonderful weekend and stay warm.
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