Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Isabellas turns 10

My youngest baby turned 10 yesterday and we celebrated by taking her to the American Girl Doll store in LA.  I had to work so unlike other years we left way later than normal. I was really upset at first because I wanted to be there all day or at least a couple of hours but I explained to the kids that I had to work and that at 3pm I would pick them up and that by 5 we would be there. We actually avoided all the traffic and  I am happy that it turned out fine. 
I was worried things would not turn out the way I wanted them too. I finally just let my expectations go and it all turned out well.

Can you see the excitement in her eyes.. 
This is the reason I that even if I got of work at 2 am.. I was taking this little girl of mine.. She was so happy with her new Birthday dress. I also let her put on a little eye shadow. She was Crazy happy...

It was magical in so many ways. Just watching her eyes light up when we entered the store. Noticing the way her big brother was pretending to be into this whole experience. The three of listening to her tell us about every doll and being completely engaged..

Here we are with our new family member Saige .

What could be better that having this amazing little girl be my daughter..(except for having her sister be mine too) I am so looking forward to watching her just be a happy ten year old..Picking up little doll shoes and knowing I am going to have to make a special place in the living room for her Dollies.. I love being her mom..What can I say..

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