Monday, April 8, 2013

Road trip with mom wrap up.

The last day of our vacation went by really fast and It was a-lot of non planned lets see how much we can do in one day fun. I asked the kids what looked like something they really wanted to do and they all decided Estes Park was the big winner. I think it could have had something to do with the fact that I told them they have really amazing candy factories..They make fudge in every flavor and they make killer taffy..Oh and they must have 3 ice cream shops on very block. I think those facts made them say...
yes to Estes Park

It took us about an hour and 15 minutes to get there but the drive is just beautiful. I stopped by this church and we all started to go inside when I noticed there was some kind of service going on so did not go inside..It looks pretty cool hu.

They got ice cream and hoodies. They actually had these same hoodies when they were little. I thought they had to have them.

So we went to Stanley Hotel . Just in case you don't know but you probably do is the Stanley Hotel is where the Shinning was filmed. Its supposed to be haunted and after spending a couple hours walking around the hotel with my kids and tagging along the hotel tour I totally believe it is. It feels creepy but fancy. There are so many stories of ghost sightings at this place.
Do you remember this hallway from the movie ? Totally creepy in a cool way.

Here are the kids checking out the sun dial. There was so much to look at...After leaving we drove to Sombreros Ranches.. They have horse back riding for all ages. 

Bella loves loves horse back riding. This was Bandit the horse she got to ride. This was her favorite part of the trip she was so happy.

I think she will remember this forever. 

Christopher hung out with me until she got back from her riding adventure . I took a nap in the car and he read. On our way home we stopped by this huge river bed. We all ran up and down the river like a bunch of kids.. I felt perfect. Like I was right where I supposed to be. I love being out doors and I loved running up and down the river bed I love my kids and I had all that together. It felt like eating a chocolate pent butter ice cream sundae Everything about being here and in this spot felt perfect.
I don't know if I have said this enough but I love Colorado. Life just feels slower and I felt grounded. 
Thank you for joining me on my little family road trip. This vacation filled my heart and now I am good to go for a while. As my friend Kolleen would say I am filled up. Now back to the regularly scheduled program. ( that was me being funny )

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