Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Update

Hi Guys it my weekend update. I had a pretty good weekend. It all started out with a super fun painting class. That is a great way to start out any weekend I do not have my kids. Its amazing how we are all painting the same thing but they all come out so different. On Saturday I saw my family and spent time with my best friend. Oh my and guess what I finished....
My Smash Book
How exciting is that. I love the feeling of finishing an album. I am so excited to show my kids tonight. I spent a couple hours scrap booking at Paper Tales in San Diego. If you want to get some crafting done this is a great place to do it. They have cute classes and honestly I cant remember the last time I sat and just worked on my albums.The employees so sweet. I had Mexican food 3 times this weekend and Italian food once. YUM.. 

Sunday was full of unexpected fun. I looked at a house and went for a walk with my dad and Jenny and what was going to be a 3 mile walk turned into lunch and somehow 3 miles turned into 8. It was hot but I got to see a part of Bonita I had not seen before so that was nice. Then some more time spent talking with my best friend before driving home. I am grateful for friends who love me enough to listen and my dad that just loves me.. Have a great week and I will take pictures of my Smash book to share with you tonight..Lets have a great Monday.

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