Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A little Freda action

Hi guys.. How are you ? I have been doing a little painting its challenging making time to do what I really like..but not impossible. I really like this Freda she makes me happy. 

Are you just loving the new photography app by Elsie.. Its so much fun. I used it on all three pictures. Its a must get. I painted this girl for my mom but then I got a better Idea for her so I will be working on a new Freda..
My birthday is this Saturday and I am hoping that I will get this form someone... you know who you are :)
A little bit about my baby bump. I feel like I am huge. I really want to start walking again as I know it would help but I have not focused on getting my behind moving. I am really excited to meet this little person growing in my tummy.  Have a wonderful day..

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