Sunday, May 12, 2013

Waffle House wishes

After hearing from many friends how good The waffle House was in carlsbad I finally got go. For me when I am pregnant hearing about food thats really make me wish for it and dream about it so then I have to go find it...This place was really cute. This is the restaurant.

I also really like Carlsbad because it never really gets hot the beach is really close so its always a little windy and warm.

Christopher got the #10
whip cream and Chocolate chips

Bella got the #8
Nutella and butter

Here is mine..
#2 butte powdered sugar and syrup and 1 cup of coffee

The waffles were fluffy and so good. Then we went on a long walk antique shopping. Everyone got something small.

We all wanted to buy a gum ball machine but after much thought we decided it would be better for our teeth if we did not. since both Bella and Christopher have braces..

Here they are taking a short rest before we continue.. I bought a globe and flowers.. Have a wonderful Mothers day and may you get many great hugs today ..

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