Friday, May 3, 2013

Its looking pretty...

The first week in May is almost gone. It feels like time is going by pretty fast. I am sure I wont be feeling that next month but for now  time just seems to be zipping by. Here goes I am feeling very pregnant .. and kinda big but mostly really excited to meet this little person I am creating inside of me OK I cant lie and I feel big and special. A beautiful combination. I have always loved food but let me tell you I am having a love a fair with food right now. I love the part of being pregnant that makes me love food the way I do only when I am pregnant.

This latte was so good ..

Tomorrow morning I will be going to a craft show with my mom..I feel so lucky that she will be going with me. We don't do that much together because we both work and taking care of my sister is a full time job so you cant just leave the house unless someone you can trust is there to take care of her. So either my mom is there or I am there. I get her all to myself tomorrow morning .. My mom and  a craft show.What could be better.
Right now maybe food.

Let me tell you about the food I am loving right now.
Cheese Danish
Beet Salads
Banana Caramel Pancakes
and more than any other thing.
This post is a quick check in.. I hope you are doing well and I will check in with lots of crafty pictures tomorrow.

Have a wonderful Saturday.

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