Monday, June 10, 2013

So Very Happy

Happy Monday.. How was your weekend ? I would love to say mine was packed of fun stuff but we  mostly hung out at home watching movies.. We spent lots of time drawing and I cooked some what I thought were really good meals. The Last couple Saturdays I have felt so grateful just to be able to stay home and not drive.. A little boring but its working for me. Its funny how little traditions start working themselves into motion. In our house the biggest room is the master bedroom. It has enough room for me to have a table and set up my art stuff. As soon as I say I am going upstairs to paint my kids say I am coming mom. I love that there we are Isabella is on her I pad playing some creative game.. Christopher is usually reading or watching TV with me. We walk down stairs to go eat together and walk back up.. Let me say that we did go paddle boarding this weekend so I don't feel super guilty about staying home because we got out for most of Sunday. 

This is how I am feeling about me and painting . I feel like I am all over the place. I want to try it all. Collaging pieces and painting girls and I jus love it all. It certainly makes me feel insecure about my stuff. Am I supposed to have all my stuff look alike? Do I have a style ? Is it ok to want to try it all? Who knows? This weekend  I was thinking about something I just love and thats my camera for sure. So I felt like here I am on top of the world with my camera. So very happy ..It was the story I wanted to tell through my little painting.

She looks happy right.. I am feeling Happy and Grateful for what I have and for my ever growing belly..

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