Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A little bit to share

Happy Hump day friends....
How is it going in your neck of the woods ? Its not to hot here yet. The weather in San Diego is usually pretty good. I have been turning on my AC specially at night. I have 3 days to go until I get to 8 months.. and at this point I get really warm at night. My poor kids have all there blankets out to keep warm because I need the air on. My favorite drink right now are Arnold Palmer's with lots of ice please..I cant seem to have enough of them.

My favorite Popsicle flavor is coconut.. The funny thing is I never eat ice cream. I do have yogurt but I am not a fan of frozen treats.. but I can not really think of any food that would be yummier right now that coconut Popsicles. I am really trying to be good. I don't think I am doing a great job..
Baby Jacks crib is built and its next to my bed right now. I wish I had more to share as I sit here chewing ice.. Have a great day.

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