Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Checking in..

Hi Guys.. here is a picture from my prego photo shoot.. I really like two pictures. This one because I think this is how I see myself. Most of the time happy and positive ..I feel like in my head I complain a-lot about my size but I think its because I feel uncomfortable at this point. I love the location we used for this shoot its so magical. I only have a couple weeks to go before I get to meet my new Love little man Jack. I am really excited and just trying to keep myself stress free. ( not always easy when life happens ) I am focusing on what I have and what I need to be grateful for and trying hard to let go of those things that no longer need me. Its crazy how life changes so quickly. I hate change it super hard for me to adjust but I do. Its a little weird how growing up opens you up to being able to see the things you ned to work on. I feel that for me I am able to see better and accept responsibility for myself. I wish all adults could do that. The baby crib is built and his changing table is also done. Hope your week goes well..
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