Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Checking In...

Morning. I woke up this morning to a very quite house. Two of my kids are camping so my house seems a little empty. I do have to work but I only have this week left. So Aug 2oth is my due date and its a planned C section for medical reasons. I have spent lots of time reading birthing stories of all these really strong woman having natural child births and having there babies at home. A huge part of me wishes I could do that. My first daughter was a natural child birth but the next two I just got to sick so I had to have a C section. I think what I really dislike or I should say what I am not looking forward to is recovering. Thank God I have my mom to take care of me after. She has been there for all of my babies births. I feel very lucky to have her. I am also praying and hoping that we will be able to buy a house very soon.  I saw the perfect house last week and maybe just maybe they will accept our offer. Its a little crazy here in San Diego to buy a house. Right now when you go buy a house there are about 5 offers every time on every house so if there is a cash offer the house you want ...Your out. I am hopeful that we will get a house soon that fits all of us. 
So to keep my spirits up I have been walking the last two days. I have to tell you at eight month pregnant I weigh 170. I started at 125 so I should probably try and stay right around where I am at. I got a fit bit this past weekend and its makes it more fun to walk since my body is not running anywhere anytime soon. The great thing is I have to say that yes walking is a-lot harder and what hurts the most are my feet but I feel really good after I walk. I feel happier and like I am doing something just for me. I am also drinking more water and logging that. This cute little thing has lots of fun features but these two are enough for me right now. I am sure after Jack is here I will get more out of it. I figure any little thing that helps me get a little bit more active is good. I am of to work and I hope you have a nice day..
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