Saturday, July 27, 2013


Hi guys, I spent most of today hanging out painting . I have found that being this pregnant  gives me a valid excuse to just chill out    ( guilt free ). So as I said in my previous post I am taking this class. I have been introduced to Modigliani . I guess I live under a Rock because most people I ask know who he is but I had no idea. I do now.  I googled Modigliani the painter and I found this painting of Jeanne she was his inspiration. So this is my attempt of Jeanne. I like this style and I am going keep playing with this method. One thing about having a blog that I really like is  being able to share my work being able to share makes me want to be better.
I never would have chosen these colors but I love them.  It is different for me but I love it. I have 3 weeks to go before I have baby J and I do not have to work so guess what I will be doing while waiting for my baby boy to arrive. I will hopefully be learning , painting , creating .. Hope your Saturday was good..
I will be back with more soon..

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