Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Drawings and stuff

Morning and happy Monday. How was your weekend?
I had a weekend that was full of surprises ..I had a surprise baby shower how cool is that.. My sister and mom put it together. It was really sweet. I am so weirded out about sharing the pictures because I am so big and my double chin is just not convincing me. The being pregnant thing is just not my thing. I am really excited about having baby Jack but the whole body transformation thing is just not for me. Its hard to see myself in the mirror right now and maybe that sounds weird but I am being honest. I know its only temporary but the simple things are difficult. Bending down, walking quickly , getting in and out of the car. All simple things but soon I will be holding my new boy and I won't care about any of this stuff ... I know..
 On to other more positive things.. 

I singed up for a new class..Go here
Its fun and its making time go by quickly.. I have to tell you that Art is healing . I just have so much playing with my art supplies..

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