Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Week in the Life..Monday

I am going to do my best to fallow along with Ali Edwards this week and so here we go.. My Monday pictures. I wake up at 6 am to make a bottle for baby Jack. My little boy  lost some weight when he was born because my milk took some time to come in so I ended up feeding him formula and me. He is still not up to his birth weight so I breast feed him and if he is still hungry I give him a couple ounces of milk . I felt guilty but now I am OK with it because its not about how I feel its about getting my little boy up to his birth weight.

Project 365 has now become all bout baby J.

Here he is just looking up at me. We are not going out much because he is only 20 days old and with a c section I am not supposed to really drive to much yet..

We hang out at home a-lot. I do as much unpacking as I can as you can see in this picture my dinning room is just a room right now with a crib and desk.. Moving is fun.

I had company yesterday too. My friend Elena came by to meet baby Jack and to see me too. Its always nice to speak to an adult when your with your baby all day.

I got my kids yesterday too. I had not seen then in a couple of days I missed them and now I have them for a whole week. Here we are my car my kids..36$ to fill up my car not bad...

We came home and I make them a snack and since we are in 5th and 7 grade we have to get used to doing homework as soon as we get home ..There is way more work now and giving ourselves more time makes doing home work less stressful. I say us because there is a-lot of mommy help needed :)

Here we are admiring Jack .. Christopher was telling me all bout school and asking me if he could change the furniture in his room. I said yes you can and so he did..

Gotta Love moving. Its Isabella's love of dolls that got us to 10 dolls in 9 years. She gets one doll for her Birthday every year. I will gladly keep giving her a doll for as long as she wants. Being a child seems to go by so fast I will nurture her love for dolls as long as she wants me too. I played with dolls until I was 16..I had Cabbage Patch Kids.

Our day was low key and now its time for bed. Bella is saying good night and even though its only 8pm ..I was ready to go to bed and surprisingly my kids where too. Thats my monday and I slept like baby. All of my kids are under my roof and thats the best feeling ever. 

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