Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A week in the life ..Tuesday

Tuesday morning came quickly. I was in the shower at 6am. I had to hurry before the baby woke up. Our new house was empty for a while so the water heater was turned on low so yes !!! I have been taking a shower in Luke warm water. I do not mind it because it wakes me up but my body would say she minds it..

I make both my kids take a shower yes in  warm water. Its very important to me they go to school clean and looking there best. I love doing Isabella's hair in the morning. She did not like me touching her head for about 2 years but she finally just gave in and now even when she is with her dad she tries to do it herself. My kids have always wore uniforms I think that helps make the morning go way faster because they know what they are wearing.

School starts at around 8 so I promised myself this year we would not be late so we have been getting to school 15 min early. I love this moment and its the first time I take a picture of it. We choose to have our children and then we try to make the best choices as there parents to try and teach them to be good human beings. I always think when they walk out of the car and go into there own small world of school that what I am doing is making a difference in there life. As I see this picture all I can think is make good choices and know you are loved Bella. 

After an hour and half drive I am coming home to this !!!      Have you tried Girl Scout coffee mate..You need to its so good. 

The afternoon come quickly for me and while baby J is napping I started a new on line class..I love on line classes they are so much fun. 

After school we came home to get there home work done and since I had an extra kid for the day I asked to take this picture. Its me and my four kids. Everyone has there own personality and I dig it. Paola holding baby J. Looking at this picture makes me smile.
Every day involves lots and lots of time spent breast feeding and this would be a happy baby after feeding for about 45 minutes. 

before you know it it is dinner time. We had chicken mashed potatoes and corn. Basic but always a winner.

Then before you know it the day was gone. Time for tea and sleep..

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