Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Blues

I find myself to be in a sweet and salty place. I had many dreams of races I wanted to run this year but my hip is not feeling like its going to heal anytime soon. I might be feeling like that because I am right in the middle of it. They told me it was muscle strain of the thigh or we could use the fancy term Tensor fascia lata syndrome.  Its just a very annoying pain that gets worse the more I walk but I can't stop walking so I just deal with it. I am feeling sad because running is what I do to deal with stress and it helps me deal with life. I also have all theses races I signed up for that I am afraid I won't be able to run. The good thing is my dad will happily use my bibs. I also feel left out of a world I love. Left out of my sweet little running world. I have dates with my dad that revolve around running and they are what I look forward to the most when it comes to just me . ( I say that because my kids are first ) but outside of them and just me its running with my dad. I will keep you posted with my progress..I find myself faking it till I make it and Create a smile.. is my motto for this week..

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