Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Little Fish Girl

This is the kind of drawing painting that lets my imagination run free. I can totally see the story when I see images like this one. Sometimes when I run really long distances thats what I do. I see an image and I save it in my head and then I just make up the story for miles. So today I got to run. Yay me.. and I of course had this image in my head. I could my sweet little fish girl I painted last night walking home. She looks happy and proud that she was able to catch so many fish. I know its a-lot but hey…She has a-lot of brothers and sisters. I like the that you can see the paper underneath too. Its french paper..So fancy.
My little Fish girl with her proud catch of the week waling home with a huge proud smile on her face.
Have a wonderful Valentines day..

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